Under Development

 thumb-exact ExACT
ExACT (from Exact Arbitrary Clearance Technique) is the name of my Local Movement Algorithm. It computes paths with any desired amount of clearance to the static geometry, as well as it uses the whole length of the portal to set the waypoints, reducing the chance of collision against other agents.

 Technology:  C++, OGRE3D, OpenSteer, Bullet Physics Library
 thumb-neogen NEOGEN
NEOGEN is the name of my fully automatic Navigation Mesh Generator. It is able to deal with multi-layered 3D environments, and it creates the Navigation Mesh of the scene from just a polygon soup. The resulting number of cells of the partition is much lower than the one offered by other solutions, hence greatly improving the efficiency during pathfinding.

 Technology: C++, OGRE3D, CG (currently moving to GLSL)
 thumb-drs Deferred Render System
A Deferred Render System that I am constructing on the top of OGRE3D. Some basic functionalities have been implemented: Phong Lighting, Shadows (PCF and ESM) and SSAO.

Technology:   C++, OGRE3D, GLSL
 thumb-nf Ninja Flag
Ninja Flag is a tactical action multiplayer game, inspired by the famous outdoor sport called Capture The Flag. Users join to a ninja team and they fight for capturing the enemy flag as many times as they can before the time is over.

Technology:  C++, OGRE3D, Bullet Physics Library, CG (currently moving to GLSL), Blender, NEOGEN, ExACT, cAudio, Photoshop

Past Projects

 thumb-virtual-museum-01 Virtual Museum
A Virtual Reality application that allows the user to interactively navigate through a scene that represents a museum. The user also can select an exposed object to inspect it in detail.

Role: General Programmer, Bullet Physics Library Integration
Team: 1 Lead Programmer, 1 General Programmer/Kinect Integration
Technology: C++, VRJuggler, Bullet Physics Library, Kinect
 thumb-3D-maze Maze3D
A basic application aimed to familiarize oneself with OpenGL. It renders a randomly generated scene that represents a maze. The user can load a character and move it. Other basic actions are allowed such as zoom, pan, rotate, selection and lighting.

Technology:  C++, OpenGL, Qt
 thumb-area-fib Area FIB: Survive
A mutant agent that transforms people into zombies have been released in an university. You are the only survivor. Your mission: escape alive.

Role: Project Leader, Game Designer, Main Programmer
Team: 1 programmer/2D artist
Technology: C++, OpenGL, FMOD, Photoshop
 thumb-la-profecia La Profecía
Your town is destroyed and all the citizens are brutally killed while you are out. So you decide to avenge your people and discover the truth behind this event, eliminating whoever tries to stop you.

Role: Project Leader, Game Designer, Sole Programmer, 2D Artist Assistant
Team: 1 Map Designer/2D Artist Assistant, 1 2D Artist, 1 Tester
Technology: RPGMakerXP, Photoshop