Area FIB: Survive

Area FIB: Survive is a Survival-Horror game. The action takes place on my old university. The government is working in a secret underground facility, developing a mutant agent aimed to create Super Soldiers and dominate the world. However, something gets wrong and the mutagen is released in a university nearby, infecting the people inside and transforming them into violent mutants. You are one of the infected students. Your mission is to escape alive and find a cure before the time is up and you become a mutant. You will have to fight against mutants as well as human soldiers sent by the government, that have the mission to kill everyone (already mutant or not) to cover its implication in this event.

This game was done during an optional course in my Computer Science Degree and was developed in just 3 weeks, so it is very short. It was developed from the scratch, using C++, OpenGL and FMOD. As the Project Leader and Game Designer, I was the maximum responsible of the project, so I stablished the main guidelines of how the game should be and distributed the work with the other member of the team. I was also the Main Programmer of the game, so I implemented main its main features.


 area-fib-01  area-fib-00  area-fib-02