La Profecía

La Profecía is an Action-RPG, set on an imaginary medieval-like world. You take the role of the only survivor of the massacre of your town. Your main mission is to avenge your family and discover the truth behind this brutal act.

This game was developed using RPGMakerXP. I did other projects before using an older version of RPGMaker, but La Profecía has been clearly my most complex project using this tool. As the Project Leader and Game Designer, I was the maximum responsible of the project, so I stablished the main guidelines of how the game should be, including the design of the story and missions,  and distributed the work to the rest of the team. I was also the programmer of the game, so I implemented every feature of the game using Ruby, the scripting language used by RPGMakerXP. Additionally, I acted as a 2D Artist Assistant, helping the main 2D Artist with my limited knowledge of Photoshop. 


 la-profecia-00  la-profecia-01  la-profecia-02

La Profecía from Ramon Oliva on Vimeo.