Ninja Flag

Ninja Flag is a tactical action multiplayer game, inspired by the famous outdoor sport called Capture The Flag. Users join to a ninja team and they fight for capturing the enemy flag as many times as they can before the time is over.

This project was the result of my Final Project Degree and it is the most complex game that I have done. The main programming language is C++. For the rendering part I use OGRE3D. Physics and collisions are solved by using Bullet Physics Library. Blender is used for modeling characters, scenarions and other stuff. NEOGEN + ExACT solves the problem of character navigation. For the sound, I use cAudio. Multiplayer support is carried out by using eNet. Shaders are implemented in CG (although I am switching to GLSL after some disgusting recent experiences with CG).


 nf-00  nf-01 nf-02

Ninja Flag from Ramon Oliva on Vimeo.